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Indie singer Jeanine Del Carlo

My name is Jeanine and I’m an indie singer/songwriter/dancer/painter I just released my self made album “Save You” a long with some new singles.

Here’s 3 free downloads:

I would love for you to follow me on Social Media to stay updated with all of up coming new music, concerts, and merch.  Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter

"Save You" is a mixture of electronic pop music with piano ballads.  It's funky, fresh, and full of personal stories from my life.  Half of the album is electronic and the other half has just me and the piano.  This album was made over a two year stretch and written during some of the most difficult times in my life along with some of the happiest times.  It's the ying and yang of the soul. 

You can listen to "Save You" here:

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