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Interview with jazz vocalist Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross is a Jazz vocalist, pianist, composer and music producer based in London. Her new album, 'Black, White and a Little Bit of Grey', explores the story of a husband, a wife, and a mistress: a web of emotions, of desires, of regrets, of ecstasy.

" I wrote the album over two months, then we had a couple of rehearsals where I made a few changes to the arrangements. The recording side of things took six weeks, including mastering. It was a little crazy, but amazing. Some of the arrangements for ‘This Chemistry’ did actually change while we were recording. The fade during the instrumental section, was initially an accident, but decided I really liked it, so changed a few things there and then. I love working like that. I have very clear ideas and intentions when I start something, but then I love it when something just happens to change it – I like to go with the flow, which is a little contradictory to my previous comment, I know. It’s a Jazz thing I think!" - Read the full interview in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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