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Interview with photographer Margaux Panel

Updated: Apr 4

Margaux Panel is freelance photo producer born and raised in France. She moved to the New York at 18 to attend college. While in New York, she started a projet that is still ongoing called " The Parisienne" where she would capture Paris and its arrondissement everytime she would go back home. After graduating in Photography, she has traveled around Asia and came up with the project "Lotus" that was published and exhibited in a gallery in New York. Over the years, she has worked with different photo agencies and production companies.

photographer Margaux Panel

What inspires you the most when working on these two projects, 'Parisienne' and 'Lotus’?

Paris fascinates me. I moved away for college and my hometown was kind of a mystery for me. By coming back twice a year, it allows me to archive every arrondissement I’m cataloging places with the monuments as the past, new elements as proof of the present to get a picture for the future.

Lotus was new for me. I didn’t have any expectations, but I was driven right away to shoot what was around me while visiting cities and rural environment. Absorbing a new place is challenging yet adrenalizing.

photographer Margaux Panel

Which is more exciting (or challenging)?

Paris is my hometown and I always go back so I know that I can continue this project for years. Whereas, the Lotus project, I only went to those places once yet and I am eager to discover new countries. The pictures from the Lotus project are memories of my time there and those places can change so much in the next years.

photographer Margaux Panel

What made you think that the contrast between nature and city is intriguing?

People tend to want to live in the city - we have seen the countryside deserted to the benefit of cities. But as humans, we miss being in open spaces or in a quiet environment. What captivates me is that cities are trying to incorporate nature. Singapore is one of the best example with the surrealist garden they have created. Bali is ahead of the curve on wellness Avant garde on social media which makes it intriguing.

How does the use of negative space impact you?

In a picture, having the eyes not looking at too much information is my main focus. I want the viewer to feel calm and give its time to really appreciate the quiet of the image.

photographer Margaux Panel

What is the most interesting part of your work?

Planning to go somewhere unknown and being surprised by new landscapes and capturing them! The most exciting is being in the moment and see in the viewfinder that everything you want fits perfectly in the frame.

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