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Interview with psychic Empath Janine Tee

Today our guest is Janine Tedesco, a medical, physical, emotional psychic Empath. She communicates with her & other people's angels & spirit guides and delivers messages of comfort, closure, direction, validation. She can do past, present, & future readings on others lives. She is a realm reader, and a reiki healer as well. She is in the process of writing two books on her own, the first is called "From unknown empath, to beautiful healer" & the second is a book to educate people about the afterlife and that our loved ones stay with us.

psychic Empath Janine Tee

What interest you the most in topics related to spiritual and afterlife?

Even going as far back as a kid, maybe 7/8 years old. I saw my first ghost, it was 4th of July 1985 or 1986, I was outside with my family & friends, it was about 10pm and I was playing with my sparklers, I looked up at the attic window where I saw the lights flickering on/off but no one was in the house, then I saw the ghost of this lady (grannie Annie) who used to live there, she was the one making the lights flicker on/off...after that a few months later my brother, our friend and myself would be in the living room playing a game and we heard noises in the kitchen, went in there and all the draws and cabinets were opened, it scared us all...but I'd have to say that it was than that got me really interested in the afterlife.

Do you possess any spiritual gifts? What are they?

Yes! I possess quite a few spiritual gifts, that range from being an EMPATH (which I feel is one of my best) I'm also psychic (although I'm not crazy about that term) I'm clairvoyant, I'm clairsient, I'm an energy healer/reiki healer, I can see spirits in photos, I'm a dream interpreter, a medium (although that's not my strongest gift) I'm telepathic, & I'm an angel communicator.

psychic Empath Janine Tee

What evidence have you seen about how our loved ones who had cross-over are still very connected with us?

For myself, my loved ones who have crossed over come to visit me, they'll come in my bedroom and if I'm actually awake and they want me to know they're with me, they sit on my bed and I'll actually feel it go up & down, they'll touch my face or move my hair out of my face. My immediate area will get colder than it was, and if I'm asleep and they want to get my attention they'll tap me on the head and I know it's time to get my camera and I'll take pics and they'll be in the pics, you can see the outline of there body perfectly and/or their face perfectly, and in other pics you'll see perfect orbs, or I'll take videos and you'll see the orbs flying around perfectly and very clear. It's amazing how they can do that for us to let us know they're around us.

How are people's angels & spirit guides able to deliver messages of comfort, closure, direction and/or validation?

For myself, when my angels want to communicate with me, it's though number sequences, repetitive songs on the radio or messages through television shows (especially ones I don't watch regularly) through meditation, leaving feathers in places there shouldn't be any, specific birds that appear out of nowhere, I will out of nowhere see something in my head, or just get a "gut feeling" out of nowhere, these are all ways they communicate with me, and when I learned I was an angel communicator for others as well I bought angel oracle cards, different types for different messages for people who would come to me for messages, and although I can communicate without them, the cards help me zoom in on certain or specific things that are going on in the persons life that I need to touch on Bc without the cards I can go on with stuff that I'm picking up on that the person might not need at that time, so again I use the cards as tools for zooming in on things in the present for the people to know for their life at that time. I use the oracle cards for immediate answers to specific situations.

psychic Empath Janine Tee

When did you first knew that you are an empath?

I first learned I was an empath September 2013, after telling a friend (who previously the 3 years before I used to take care of her husband, he was my patient and she's still a great friend) but after the weekend I had that September I told my friend everything I was feeling and sensing and then told her what I found out about a specific person that weekend that I didn't know prior to finding out, and she just looked at me and said "Janine, you're such an EMPATH, I've always wanted to tell you that" so taking care of her husband she'd notice that I channeled all his moods and ailments as well, I had no idea what an EMPATH was, but that's when/how I found out & it was Bc I was picking up everything like the sponge of the world, and my friend noticed it.

psychic Empath Janine Tee

What inspires you to write your first books?

Ever since I learned I was an EMPATH I wanted to raise awareness for this beautiful spiritual gift Bc for the "unknown empath" it could literally make them feel as if they're going insane, crazy or as if they're bipolar/depressed with a lot of anxiety. I know looking back on my childhood and up till I found out I was an empath my mood swings would go from 0-100 real quick depending on if I was by myself (which I'd be okay) or if I was around people who were constantly sad (even if they'd put on an act that they were happy) they couldn't fool me, I'd automatically become sad, or mad, happy, anxious...whatever the people around me were, I'd be, and when I'd be at a mall or out to dinner or a funeral/cemetery...honestly I'd feel it all and experience it all as if it were my own, same thing went for others ailments, if there body hurt mine would hurt, people who wouldn't even know me in a store or an event would touch me and tell me their whole life story, they'd feel great after talking to me and/or touching me and I'd feel horrible. I'd need quiet time in my room by myself all the time and still do, but now that I know I am, I'm much better with this gift and I know my feelings and ailments from other people I'm around or channeling. Being an empath you can even feel the people who have passed and they often come to an empath to get our attention. So I want to help parents see if their kids are going through things like this to help them realize if their kid is just gifted or if they might need to see a Dr, Bc I see that parents are to quick to get their kids medicated (to help them) especially if they don't know what being an empath is, or for them to notice that they're kids may just have this gift and they can help them to excel & hone in on the gift. But either way, I'm very passionate about getting this gift out there for everyone to know and help kids or even adults to realize they might just have this gift. Bringing awareness is my passion right now.

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