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Jeremy Larner of JKLWorlwide on Art that Pleases the Mind

Cecily Brown, “Teenage Wildlife” -2003. Source:
Cecily Brown, “Teenage Wildlife” -2003. Source:

Jeremy Larner got his start with MTV’s hit show “Rob and Big” as Rob Dyrdek’s managing partner. Springboarding this early success; he became an angel investor with successful exits including Dollar Shave Club and Postmates. During this time, his love for art was cultivated. He now runs JKL Worldwide procuring contemporary art for investors.

"Another artist whose career I have been following closely is Cecily Brown, whose communicative and emotive faculties are virtually unparalleled. Early on Brown proved herself to be one of the foremost painters of her generation." - read our interview with Jeremy Larner in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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