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Jezekiah "Her queendom come"

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Jezekiah is born in southern Cameroon, son of the King of the Meta people. His art is inspired by his father's immense Highlife and Blues African music collection. In 2005 Jezekiah invents his universe. A surprising mix of hip-hop, African folklore, blues and poems finely woven with his electronic rebel.

Caught between his love of arts and of the scienceof his art,  he is also a sound and 3D designer. You will propably see him on stage with an African Electro-Acoustic set, with self designed African bass string instrument, effects filters and sound processors.

Jezekiah talks about "Her queendom come" : "I called my song ‘Queendoms Come’, for the colors, the form, the birth of a new. The power of the woman and the power when cultures meet.

Just like this Hip-hop, we are a fusion of cultures..." - Digital distribution on 22/02/2019


Location: Amsterdam (Holland).

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