Rhett and Link is part of an advertising campaign for the Youtube celebrities; “Rhett and Link”

Kremer/Johnson = Neil Kremer + Cory Johnson. 

Character-based portraits and narrative-driven scenes are our thing. Large & complex productions are where we thrive, and we specialize in capturing authentic moments in even the most manufactured of settings.

18 Months later is part of a 13 image series that we just released. We painstakingly recreated 13 iconic Rene Magritte paintings using photography. Each image has a slightly modern twist to the prolific Belgian painters original works. The series is titled: :"This is not Magritte."

True collaborators at heart, we formed Kremer/Johnson to explore our combined creative vision. We share in all duties from ideation & pre-production through shooting & post. Together we create still & moving images for advertising, editorial, and corporate clients nationwide. 

Clients include: AT&T, Visa, DirecTV, CBS, Hulu, Braun, Hormel, Bulletproof Coffee, Gnarly Head Wine, KONG, Duplixent...

Guido in LA is part of a personal series we shot just for fun. We love creating tableaus.

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