Lead Digital Artist Seiichi Sega

If time is a shared scale of measurement, every phenomenon occurring on that time axis (timeline) should exist simultaneously as overlapped layers that continue to occur on various scales even at this very moment. In this piece of work, finely-cropped, abstract images are projected all at the same time using multiple projectors, and are reflected with a certain depth on the transparent screens laid out three-dimensionally. The idea is that all states can exist concurrently as generation and disappearance repeat themselves.This work was exhibited at an underground art space at Hilton Tokyo for "Shinjuku Creators Festa 2017".

Seiichi Sega developed a new method of expression for high-end CGI as an approach in an abstract way which is different from photorealism, by incorporating methods of programming, simulation of physics and generative art. 

He has been engaged in a variety of 3D motion graphics projects using such method.After going through production of high-end CGI for commercials and films, his main focus is direction of title logo for TV programs and CI's as well as projects for different formats such as projection on celestial sphere-shaped dome, globe-typed display and cube-typed display.



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