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‘Let Me Down Easy’

‘Let Me Down Easy’
‘Let Me Down Easy’

Elisia Mirabelli sees the design of each production she works on as a puzzle, and it is her job to put it together. She merges colors and unexpected textures to create a work of art, and dives into the records of a previous time to recreate history. She expresses the emotion behind a story through a collection of objects and blends her curiosity and love of design every day. For all of these reasons, she loves what she does as a production designer for film and television, combining her passions for the performing arts and interior design.

In 2015, Mirabelli once again continued to impress with her film Let Me Down Easy. The film, starring acting heavy weights Tamzin Merchant and Liam Aiken, takes place in a small town, where tradition has reigned, and adolescents are rounded up and tested in an ultimate deviation. The aesthetic of Let Me Down Easy reflects the starkly unadorned world of its inhabitants; a world in which an embellished blaze of beauty is ferociously decadent and irrevocably wicked. In this unvarnished society, beauty is solitarily found in the flowering fields, orderly crops and cloudless skies that envelop it.

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