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London-based artist Miguel Sopena

Updated: Apr 10

London-based artist Miguel Sopena

I am a London-based artist, originally from Eastern Spain. I trained as a figurative artist with a focus on portraiture and the human figure, but my practice has broadened to include abstract and semi-abstract painting, printmaking, and photography. In addition to the human figure, I draw inspiration from nature and the urban environment as well as from purely abstract ideas. I am interested in the material properties of the painting medium and often use impasto and heavy textures. Colour is another strong focus of my work. The expression of emotion is always at the heart of my practice.

Description of the artwork:

The Dénia series: The Tower, 120x90 cm, oil on canvas. The Tower is the first painting in my ongoing Dénia series, inspired by the town in Eastern Spain where I spent many summer months with my family as a child and adolescent. These paintings do not refer to specific imagery but are based on emotional and sensory impressions accumulated over the years- Colours, sounds, textures, the mountains and the beach, the sea and the wind.

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