Macro-photographer Udo Wanninger

I am Udo, a passionate macro-photographer. I am living in the heart of Switzerland where I am surrounded by awesome lakes, diverse forests and spectacular mountains. This beautiful landscape offers me endless opportunities for my preferred photography.

Anemona with Helios 40 , 1.5/85

For the ultimate macro-picture I am using the most recent camera technology but in combination with old lenses. Old lenses illustrate the object more powerfully and simply cause a uniquer bokeh.

Cineraria, with Meyer Görlitz Primoplan, 1.9/58

Anemona with Helios 40 , 1.5/85
Dawn is my preferred time for light, so I am often found in the early morning hours, laying down in the fields or forests, hunting the moment.

Margerit with Meyer Görlitz Primoplan, 1.9/75

I usually feel „a perfect picture“ immediately when looking through my viewfinder. If the moment right before I press the shutter causes a „wow“, then it’s clear to me: this is it!

Snowdrops with Heinz Kilfitt Alpa Makro Kilar, 2.8/90

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