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Mixed media artist Lorette C. Luzajic

all the beauty 2018
All the beauty 2018

Lorette C. Luzajic is an award-winning mixed media artist from Toronto, Canada. Her signature squares and large collage paintings have been collected in more than 25 countries, including USA, Mexico, Peru, Qatar, South Africa, Estonia, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, Tunisia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, and Portugal. Her work has appeared in galleries, museums, hotels, banks, nightclubs, corporate and medical offices, as a prop on reality TV, in the Berlin Metro, on a 20 foot billboard in New Orleans, in a magazine ad campaign for Madrid-based diamond company Carrera Y Carrera, and at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Believe 2020
Believe 2020

Lorette’s artworks are born from eclectic curiosity. She is interested in everything, and takes inspiration from a range of sources, including personal experience, art history, travel, cinema, cities, music, typography, graffiti, advertising, and most of all, poetry and literature. She writes when she is not painting, usually about art.

Be Still and Know
Be Still and Know

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