Mixed media artist Silvia La Rote

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Lady A - There is no system but the eco-system. I view anarchism not as mere strategy but as birthright. With climate change posing severe ecological destruction and global extinction, our mental & physical unity to earth plays a pivotal role to how we understand our planet's subjugation. - "I want the right of life, of the leopard at the spring, of the seed splitting open, I want the right of the first man."- Nazim Hikmet

Silvia La Rote is an independent mixed media artist, writer, and organizer currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has appeared in the Feminist Wire, La Galeria, Five2One: Art & Literary Magazine, Not Your Mothers' Breast Milk, Juxtapoz, among others.

Appalachian Woman - Like Puerto Rico (where many of my family is from), Appalachia has experienced a lot of abandonment from the United States. The highest levels of poverty in the U.S. are found in the Appalachian territory. So much public unrest at the poor & working class level is being ignored by the media. Like PR, radicalism and anti-government/anti-capitalist sentiments are ever-present. So I believe following the struggles of the Appalachian people and showing solidarity are paramount. Blog on Appalachia I frequent: https://whitherappalachia.net/

Silvia grew up in New York City, and attributes Occupy Wall Street as a turning point in her political and artistic activation.  Her work seeks to merge/mix worlds like that of the physical and the digital, and consists of hand drawn & multimedia pieces.  She aims to distort the boundaries dividing personal & political, and the poetical & polemical. Eco-feminism, re-wilding, and the development of sexuality removed from imposed culture are also driving factors to her inspiration.

The Herald aka the Prisoner - Inspired by an archival project that sought to collect newspapers images depicting women strikes from the early 1900s. This drawing began to replicate one of those clippings but took on a contemporary twist. Prison abolitionism & abolitionist feminism are important to my political development. Understanding the origins of incarceration in the American empire as an extension of slavery, and that no other term takes on more weight in our political arena than "All prisoners are political prisoners."

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Instagram: instagram.com/slaroteart

Twitter: https://twitter.com/slarote

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