Motion Graphics Artist Yuuki Kawakami

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Yuuki Kawakami has been working on production and general planning / direction of opening title sequences of feature films and TV dramas and CI's by incorporating 3D CGI of graphical renderings onto the same.  

[Award]Grand Prize of Miraikan's Geo-Cosmos Content Contest 2014 /2015/2017

Pouring abstraction

This is an abstract visual image inspired by painting techniques called Pouring. Just like matière, an art technique which poured paint flux into each other; this motion graphic visualizes what happens when we pour sound into an object. Here, we expressed how an object might react with their movement and textures. Exhibited at “Shinjuku Creators Festa 2017”

We planned and directed an in-theater commercial for TOHO CINEMAS, announcing their promotional campaign of "au Monday". With the basic tone of orange and red taken from their logos, the commercial was designed to look smart and stylish. By adopting the method of trick art-like optical illusion, we added a taste of entertainment and presented the feeling of excitement just before a movie starts.


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