Multidisciplinary artist Lidechsi Silva

Dinner with Relatives

I am a multidisciplinary artist. I work with ink, graphite, watercolours, and acrylic and oil paint. Originally from Sri Lanka, I am currently an art student based in Montreal, Canada.

I knew I wanted to be an artist at a very young age. It felt natural to me and it proved to be a source of comfort throughout both my childhood and adulthood. 


As a cinephile, much of my artistic inspiration is drawn from film and television. My main interest lies in depicting human emotion, specifically the more melancholy ones. This is perhaps the reason why I most enjoy depicting people and faces.

Every work of art I create features things I am passionate about, things I appreciate and things that have helped me evolve.

I think creating an ‘aura’ with each artwork is integral to the work of the artist; to make the viewer feel something. This is what I try producing with my work - something that connects the viewer to the painting or drawing. For me, the idea that a work of art can evoke a feeling and ignite an emotional connection between an individual and the artwork is perhaps one of the most rewarding things about being an artist.


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