Multimedia artist Matthew Castellano

“ThankyouBat001” 6” x 8” watercolor and ink on dyed 140lb hot press watercolor paper.

Matthew Castellano is a multimedia artist born in South Florida in 1985 and lived there until 2010 where he fell in love with skateboarding and creating art.  He currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“Song Of The Brass Rings” Acrylic on 36”x36” wooden panel with mounted 10”x20” wooden panel & 4”x6” framed watercolor and ink on heavyweight blue toned paper hanging wire and fishing weights.


Personifying my feelings about humanity while exploring the idea of Man versus Civilization in existence and conflict, and in struggles and triumphs;  both realistically and abstractly.  Using a minimalistic style as a means to take a chaotic world and open it up with simplicity by applying a variety of media to convey all aspects of the human experience.

“DogHead Blue Day Ostentation” 14.5” X 22” Watercolor and Ink on 140lb hot press watercolor paper.

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