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Muses of poetry & painting based in Indonesia, this is musetomuse. Consisting of two people, Maza Guyanto—he who crafts words, the muse to her paintings—and Seulgi Yoon Suak— she who crafts colours, the muse to his poetries—their focus is on translating every day scenes into a rhythmic collection of thoughtful words, and then into an abstract collection of bona fide colours.

Maza: "Talking about the salvation from pain, is to explore the different road when the right time actually comes. This one bring celebration. I would like to see that blind hopeful faith to fruition for once. How the table has turned and the love finally returned. How that blind faith turned into undying commitment. Every body deserve to be happy after all."

Seulgi: "This piece is a dance; a dance of grandeur yet exuberance colours, of calming yet bold hues. And it is a celebratory dance; notice how each soft touches are twirling and swirling here and there towards a certain point. And that's how I tried to freeze the joy for the return of love. At last, indeed."

Maza: "To be honest, sometimes scenes from movies provide the image and the inspiration for a poem. This one is a classic, both the intention and the scene that helps me put it down on paper. Remember when you were little and believed in a lot of things, like wishing to a starfall or the brightest among the stars? Remember your childhood fantasies and wishes at night in your prayer? Well, the scene from a wonderful classic, Pinnochio, when the toymaker Geppetto wishes upon a star, helps me in writing this short poem. When you wish upon a star..."

Seulgi: "Since Pinnochio is the inspiration for this poem, of course I should create the same visual mood as the classic movie. And so, my first instinct was to create lots of cloud-like texture to emphasize the dreamy yet vulnerable mood of when Geppettoo wishes upon a star. Next was to play with colours and so, I mixed some and created this low saturated dark blue, surrounded by pitch black. And to top them off, splashing tiny bit of bright yellow is a must to capture the mood of hope. As for the composition, I just went by instinct and when it's finished, it looks like smoke instead of the sky but that's exactly why I love it: it does not obstruct an image, but thoroughly scrambles it."

Maza: "Another form of love's suffering that intrigues me is another classic. But then again, aren't all romantic tales a classic? You can call it, the love you can't have, or love at the wrong time, but this time I want to explore a more hopeful aspect of the tragic love story. The one that still dares to pray, hope and even dream for the uncertain to be certain."

Seulgi: "For me, this piece is a journey. You know, the one when you lay in bed on your back, closing your eyes and try so hard to erase the pain. This time, the pain wouldn't let you. No, it even forbids you, with the cruelest way ever. First, a bubble of bad memory with the one you truly love. Then, another bad one pops up. Three, four, five. You're certain this one person is not yours to have. Then in a blink of an eye, millions of the good ones, the really good ones, pops up all together and you can't do anything except to pray, hope and dream for a miracle."

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