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Musician God KOz

A native of the heart of Charleston, I’ve been an artist my whole life. Went to Military Magnet Academy where I was apart of the first graduating class and was where I received my start in showcasing my many gifts and talents. I crafted and narrowed in on my drawing skills as well as led the first dance group on campus. From there, I attended SC State University, where I began to really become the artist I knew myself to be. I not only graduated with a BA in Digital Media but met a caliber of individuals who would become the great group of friends and musical/business partners I ever encountered. Thereby, Scarab Entertainment was created.

It’s been ten years now that I’ve been doing music and have been eager to release and express all these different stories, ideas, gifts, talents, thoughts to the known area. I am a yoga instructor, graphic designer, nose reader (Instagram @lovebumpsonnose), dancer, rapper, host, visionary. I enjoy meditation, spiritual enlightenment.

Currently I have my single “One Percent God” available on every platform with a single being released every holiday until the GOD Album release New Year’s Day. I also currently have a mixtape “Antigravity” out right now on SoundCloud.

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