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Musician Levente Toth

Having been born in Transylvania, one of my main forms of escapism during the totalitarian regime of the 1970s and '80s was progressive rock and electronic music. 

I built my first analogue synth when I was a teenager living under the Ceausescu regime. Music creation has really begun later on in my home studio, established after my relocation to the UK in 1995.

The CDs released by the former PeopleSound and Vitaminic indie labels were noted for the compositional versatility, which created well-received blends of medieval, ethnic and space/ambient elements. Instead of the mainstream dance-oriented electronic music, the main influence was the Vangelis-like approach to electronic composition: synthesizers are seen as virtually limitless instruments that can connect many different musical traditions, across many centuries and geographical areas. This results in descriptive and evocative music, as each of the nine concept albums are composed with specific intent and on a specific theme.

One composition from my debut album was also featured on the compilation CD entitled “Noua Romanie – Rebirth of a Nation”, which was a special project released by Earthtone / Sonic Images Records founded by the legendary Christopher Franke (ex-Tangerine Dream).

The latest, ninth studio album entitled "Lost Works", too, based on eight destroyed or lost paintings, travels from the style of 16th century music to electronic atmospheres characteristic of ambient music. 

I am also a published photographer, previously featured in this magazine, hence often the musical and visual side of me end up meeting each other in the realm of my home studio.

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