Niklewicz Versus Niklewicz, 2018

There are three people named Adam Niklewicz.

One is a firefighter living in Łomża, Poland and the other two reside in the U.S. First of the two is a sculptor and the other Adam Niklewicz is an illustrator. Some details of their lives happen to be remarkably similar. They both emigrated from Poland, settled on the East Coast, and both are active in the general field of visual arts.

Adam Niklewicz / illustration for The Chronicle of Higher Education / acrylic on board. and Adam Niklewicz / THE COOKBOOK OF ST. JEROME, 2018 / book, ladle, goat’s milk / 9” x 7” x 13”.

It is apparent that the Internet created a confusing blend out of their separate lives. Its heavy-handed approach (Google is helpless with the nuance, that Adam Niklewicz, the illustrator, is a left-handed individual, while Adam Niklewicz, the sculptor, is a right-handed one, etc) made the two feel a bit threatened by each other’s presence. The artists decided to make the best of the situation and are in the early planning stages of a two-man exhibition. The exhibition will examine similarities (and differences) that exist between two very different practices of two creatives who happen to share a name.

The firefighter stays out of the picture.

Adam Niklewicz / illustration for Villanova University Magazine / acrylic on board. and Adam Niklewicz / WATERLENS, 2017 / inkjet print / 30” x 45” (edition of 3).

Adam Niklewicz has done cover illustrations for Newsweek, Time, Business Week, Atlantic Monthly and Harvard Business Review, among others. An extended list of his clients includes Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Playboy, USA Today, U.S.News & World Report, and countless more.

Adam Niklewicz / illustration for St. Martin’s Press / acrylic on board. and Adam Niklewicz / HANGOVER, 2018 / rock, tree branch, boot / 44’ x 24’ X 16”.

Adam Niklewicz is a sculptor whose work was featured and discussed in ARTnews, Art New England, Aesthetica, CNN Style, The New York Times, Sculpture Magazine, and The Huffington Post, among others. He has exhibited at contemporary art galleries throughout the USA and Europe. The venues include Hudson Valley MOCA (USA), The Venice Arsenale (Italy), Zacheta and GSW Opole (Poland), JUMP and Art-Zavod Platforma / Gogolfest (Ukraine.)

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