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Novelist Nicole D'Settēmi

Nicole D'Settēmi is an Amazon best-selling novelist in Addiction, with her debut part-fictional memoir: Addictarium (War Stories Chronicles). The poet, and visual pop-artist hailing from Niagara Falls, New York, is also a former published art model, and in her words "both dedicated artist and muse."

Professionally, Nicole facilitates a string of publications (as the founder & editor) through NIC Publications & Co., and her small literary press; The Book House of Seviles. From magazines & ePapers to blogazines, small literary collectives, and a freshly launched vLog, Nicole offers a variety of options for the viewer. All of her publications are centered around creative lifestyle, fine art, business & artistic evolution, pop-art, spotlights on the 'muse,' and health | mental | emotional wellness.

In her spare time, Nicole dabbles in mixed media art projects, including music videos and/or books, clashing various forms of her art, particularly, poetry and photography. Through her Creative Art House; Seviles Studios, she and her long-time partner (and fiance) also toil with painting, sketching, music, sculpting, and performance art.

In 2017, Nicole was granted the 'Visionary Award in Arts' by the popular news site,, and just recently resold the rights to her novel, with a print edition of Addictarium now available in libraries and select stores around the country! She plans to release a prequel to the novel in 2018, in addition to at least three additional chapbooks.

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