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Olga and Kay are two creatives from different backgrounds. Olga is a Latvian-born Freelance Photographer and I am a South-London born Full-time Graphic Designer. Despite our difference in profession and upbringing, we both have a genuine interest in understanding how people interact through lifestyle, culture and their natural surroundings. With the world becoming more infused by politics, cultural differences and diversity, our work reflects this. We observe, document and share. 

We partner up with Eric Festival, Bright Ideas Trust and Westminster City council on numerous occasions which has allowed us to conduct a number of workshops with young creatives and even guest speak at number of primary/secondary  schools and colleges around London as part of Westminster Enterprise Week. Over 2,800 students were in attendance last event which took place in November 2017.

Description of photo:

This photograph was taken in Brixton, London.

Out of all the photographs Olga and I have taken this shot has a particular significance to it. Not only was it one of our first-ever shots we took as a partnership, but it perfectly encompasses the community spirit surrounding this exciting and vibrant South London town. 

Brixton is my birth place and throughout the years I’ve personally seen a number of changes - good and bad, however regardless how society is rapidly changing, Brixton Market still acts a constant reminder that we should not take life ‘too seriously’, and to enjoy the little things - just like in this photo.

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