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Open Impressionism: Volume II

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

This hardbound coffee table book is an impressive artistic statement for any art lover's home or office. Open Impressionism Volume II offers 300 pages of sherbet mountains, violet hills and kaleidoscope skies as well as insider quotes and artist's statements.

"When my new coffee table book Open Impressionism: Volume II was released, I participated in a short video that introduced me and my style of painting, which has become known as Open Impressionism." - Erin Hanson

Open Impressionism Vol. II:

About Erin Hanson:

What is Open Impressionism, a Quote by Erin Hanson: My style of painting is very chunky and abstracted. This style began when I was painting a lot of comic art and Japanese landscapes in ink while I was in college. When I moved to Las Vegas and started rock climbing every week, the obvious thing to paint was rocks… lots and lots of rocks, in all colors and shapes and lighting. The dark cracks in the rocks, separating out the flat planes of color, were easy and fun to paint, and my style developed from there. When I moved back to California several years ago, I decided that fluffy oak trees and winding rivers were really just like differently shaped rocks and I could apply my same technique to painting them. From there, an almost mosaic style of painting has evolved, which I like to call “Open Impressionism.”

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