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Our new team member Anastasiia Vasylenko

Anastasiia Vasylenko is an emerging graphic designer and student of Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland, coming from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Anastasiia is fueled by her passion for art in all of its forms. Her favorite art movement is impressionism and the favorite artist of hers is Vincent Van Gogh. Just like her role model, she aspires to develop her own, unique style in art. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, photography and creating digital designs by which she expresses herself and her feelings.

Anastasiia believes that her main goal is to bring something new and creative to the world of art every day. This is why she became a part of JaamZIN Creative: to support other artists by helping their art go viral. She believes that every artist is special and needs to find his audience.

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