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Painter Aamir Hameed Wani

Procession  Oil on Canvas
Procession Oil on Canvas

Born and brought up in the picturesque Himalayan valley of Kashmir. A self taught and styled artist Aamir Hameed Wani who returned home for an Ideology, whose transformation took place  in Kashmir. He narrates how the  ideology was depicted  in action on canvas and paper in his artworks. How the contemplation of his dreams through his Art form and style took shape and finally emerged as a reality. Mostly focused on cotemporary and abstract forms, he decided to dictate his take on the subjects which are filled with fervour and volatility. Most recently he commissioned a collection based the Soviet Revolution. The Artist  is also working on a collection about Jerusalem. Taken by the tenacity of the byzantine period and the geography of Jerusalem is what made me start this never ending subject, a year ago acclaimed the artist. Artist mentioned all the terms used to recreate this historical wonder were borrowed from Jewish Art history.

Mount of Olives  Acrylic on Canvas
Mount of Olives Acrylic on Canvas

He waded through the different stages of life. The etchings of experience and the firm line of character played Picasso on his face. Each fold on his face, each appearance of wrinkle under his eyes. Was "tell a tale" of the journey of his life. Different strokes of ageing made a perfect picture on the canvas of life.

Sea of Galilee      Acrylic on Canvas board       2018
Sea of Galilee Acrylic on Canvas board 2018

When asked about how could an artwork shed light over something which has been even keeping the historians  dubious  the artist replied must have been reflexes from complex synapse of my artistic brain  that would give rise to such art and depth in it. Claiming that we all know Science has finally avowed reaching somewhat near the biggest mystery that surrounds the human brain, the subconscious through Art.

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