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Painter Aleksandr Mihaltchuk

I am a figurative artist for a reason.. I like to “ read” the paintings, like if it is some kind a book or a film. Painting is a “ story” for me to admire… And I am trying to tell a story in my paintings too. Of course there is an influence on my art too …

I like to absorb everything, that I like for then to put it inside my creation. It is easy to observe my obsession with female theme in my art.

Naturally …What would be of art, if there would not be the female presence? It is eternal font of influence. Because it was God, who created a woman .

I think, that the modern world is wrongly “ noisy” …The same problem is with the modern painting. Too much noise, loud, screaming, shouting…

All this is unnatural for the human. That is why I like the calm and thoughtful paintings . The paintings , that feed the soul and not just bright eyesight .

In our days we are loosing ties with our rich past. Aesthetically. I feel a pity for that and it gives me a wish to interpret the old art treasures with the modern touch. In a way to continue the skills of old masters in today’s art. That also surfers in my paintings for some reason. I would like to find a place for the great art of the past in today’s world. Everybody, who likes art, can feel it and communicate with it. Artist is too communicating through his art with the world. My goal is to tell my stories through my paintings. I am trying to create the nice pretty stories to share them with the public. In a hope to find the soul mates to enjoy it together.

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