Painter Amber Gittins

Forever Love, 160x120cm Acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Forever Love has been painted with the influence of Springtime and new flowers blooming. Its a time of new beginnings and when love seems to blossom. Having that love that lasts a lifetime and never giving up on it, is such a beautiful thing. Loving the good and also being able to overcome the bad, never dwelling on the negative and being able to see the good in every moment. Surround yourself and your thoughts with positivity and love, find the good in everyone and everything. It's about loving yourself and loving the things that really matter and making the most of this forever love.

Amber Gittins is a nature obsessed, colour crazy abstract artist - who still has both ears - and is at her happiest working from her studio in country Mount Gambier, South Australia. With a degree in Visual Communication she still applies her training in colour theory, negative space and embracing happy accidents. Her acrylic paintings are bold, colourful and full of joy.

Summer Radiance, 120x120cm Acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Inspired by the beautiful colours of nature in Spring and Summer. I have noticed there is a special glow through these seasons that encapsulates us and our surroundings. In the garden, by the beach, even within ourselves. The suns warmth, the beautiful flower blooms, the clear fresh blue skies, it just seems to radiate into our thoughts and feelings and in turn makes us happier.

Amber’s inspiration comes from her love of nature and travelling the world. Her unique style is developed from a mixture of imagination, instinct and emotion, bringing the canvas to life! Amber hopes her art portrays a sense of fun and optimism and ultimately wants to bring colour, warmth and happiness into peoples lives!

When the Rains Came, 101x76cm Acrylic painting on stretched canvas. A glimmer of hope and happiness for a brighter future for our Australian Farmers! This artwork was created when my thoughts were on our Australian farmers and their families and the devastating drought that is occuring for them. Having just donated a painting with 100% proceeds to Rural Aid I then began to paint this piece. I wanted to paint hope and love for a better future. Hoping and praying for the rains to come and giving a sense of what their future could be like once the rains flow. New life, new love and new hope for everyone.

Her work is held in private collections in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Amber has donated works to different charities for fundraising, including The Starlight Children’s Foundation, Art for Bales and Epilepsy Australia. Amber has exhibited in Art Competitions and received High Commendations, won People’s Choice Awards and been a finalist in the Art Lovers Prize for 2018 and 2019.

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