Painter Ana Patitú

“Emerge”. Acrylic on paper. 50x50 cm. 2019

Hi I’m Ana Patitú, I was born in Argentina. From 2016 I live in Barcelona. I worked as a graphic designer more than 10 years. Meanwhile I studied painting, creativity and mural painting with renamed artists. But in 2018, I left design to pursue my real passion: painting.

“Waiting to be born. Green” Acrylic on canvas. 40 cm. 2020

I have always been interested in the study of the human figure. It is awesome how human body can be a vehicle to express deep thoughts and moods which we go through during our lifetime. Before I start painting I study the proportion of the subject and draw a grid that helps me to place the face on the canvas. I like to work with acrylic paint, specially because it dries fast and this makes that my brush strokes do not lose spontaneity.

“Butterfly” Acrylic on canvas. 100x73 cm. 2019

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