Painter Annelie Ruebmann

Leidenschaft 160x100 cm The portrait session developed real quick to a more reduced use of colours. I like the effect of concentrate to the basics of bodys and silhouettes. One main color brings the certain something to finish the picture.

I am Annelie, 26, from southern Germany and I have been an enthusiastic painter for more than 15 years now.

Phillip 100x100 cm The portrait painting has started with the desire to portrait my love. I used as much colours as I could because I am addicted by colours and the accidentally mixes and matches. Back then, light and shadow were important for breathing life into my artworks

Most of my colourful paintings are created by the direct application of the acrylic colours with the help of large palette knives, some as big as cake shovels. I also use watercolour and oil paints to add a special expression. I often choose different parts of bodies because it is usually not only the colour that gives the picture the energy but also the shadow and the light. Another passion is abstract painting. In all works, the harmonious selection of colours and forms contains a certain contradiction, which always invites to discover something new.

Pendant 200x100 cm In Pendant, my desire for harmony and freedom comes into play. Gestures and facial expressions are just as in harmony as the relationship between light and shadow and the harmony of the selected color accents.

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