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Painter Anthea Missy

French-born, self-taught artist Anthea Missy began her painting career in 2014 following the completion of a master’s degree in business administration. Combining her two passions – travelling and creating – Anthea’s art reflects her personal style and motto: “Come as you are”.

"I crave experiences and painting on walls every day. Any wall makes me happy as every wall has a personality and its own identity - from its location to its constitution; the way it takes paint; the way it reacts to and reflects light and colour during the changing hours of the day. And more importantly, who are the people who seeing it? I like to think my art is somehow universally positive no matter where I paint on earth. I feel the reward of having brought something to them, a little bit of joy in this short life." - Read our interview with Anthea Missy in The Crazy Mind magazine

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