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Painter Balu Timak

Barn Owl: gluen gun,Gold leaf and Silver leaf,Acrylic
Barn Owl: gluen gun,Gold leaf and Silver leaf,Acrylic

I'm a Hungarian Artist living in Ireland/Wexford. I was born in Budapest Hungary in 1977. Living in Ireland since 2007. Mostly I paint with Acrylic but also I try new techniques every year. I'm a big fan of Gold and Silver leaf. I've started to paint in 2015 with an online teacher Cinnamon Cooney and after that with her mother Ginger Cook. I learnt about mixing colours, blending colours, basic techniques. Since 2017 I paint my own and held my first ever solo exhibition "Birds" in Artbank Bunclody Co. Wexford Ireland.

Divine: Goldleaf and Acrylic
Divine: Goldleaf and Acrylic

What I love to paint? Well, mostly birds, trees, also like portraits because its very difficult and challenging. Also paint sex, yes I dare! Most people don't! I think the body of a woman is an art itself! In 2020 I heard about Gold leaf and started to make couple of paintings. When I got use to it, started working with glue gun and then combined both glue gun and Gold leaf. I also love to paint with grey colour, I have a dozen of Grey colour portrait painting.

I'm a member of the Artbank Gallery, I have artwork on display all the time since 2016. I also exhibit at Greenacres Wexford since 2017. I have a Facebook page: Balu Timak Art and also Instagram: balutimakart

This year I try new techniques as Silicon oil, Acrylic flow technique and new vibrating colours like Magenta and Turquoise.

House of the Dolls :Gluegun,Gold leaf and Acrylic on canvas board.Framed
House of the Dolls :Gluegun, Gold leaf and Acrylic on canvas board. Framed

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