Painter Bansri Chavda

Bansri is an indian painter living and working in Mumbai. She thinks of herself as “a storyteller of the world about us”, raising the relevant questions about life, soul and awareness.  She works as an art professor teaching visual expressions at Ecole intuit.lab in Mumbai which is a Paris based Institute. She works with art galleries in Rome, Miami and Arizona.

Art – like meditation – is a means to dive into oneself. “My art is like a mantra given by my master – love, live, laugh, give!”.

She found her artistic vocation in 2001 when her native village in Gujrat was hit by an earthquake reaching a maximum felt intensity of X on the Mercalli intensity scale.  Amongst the ruin of the disaster, art stood for Bansri like the only hope to help herself and her community. “That’s how I started a loving caring tango” with painting, along with an operating role as activist in her own community. Sharing and social awareness have since the deepest impact in her life and her artistic path. And Teaching ART to kids,, her all time passion!

OMKARA,  This is an artwork depicting THE ELEPHANT GOD - known as Ganesha in Vedic Hindu Mythology. The artist describes her process of making this artwork as follows- in bansri's words  "OMKARA- The lord with the form of OM, OM,,,, the primordial sound! Sonic energy has a great impact, it is about not that what is said but HOW it is said, a baby when an infant, responds to the tone of how you address he or she, OM - IS THAT ENERGY! While I was receiving these forms of Ganesha that I have painted,, I was may be doped in that Ganesha energy,,, I could see the simplistic form of the Lord in shadows, folds of fabric, in my mind, and more .... My son was 2.5 years,,, when I painted my Ganeshas, as a small  exercise of surprise I used to give him pencil every day as many times he wanted to, the fact that he could hold and scribble used to delight me, there were two scribbling which were like.... OHHH,,, THESE ARE GANESHAS! and I wanted to preserve them,, I got his scribbles enlarged and worked over them. This form is the attribute of the Lord as a manifestation of the divine sound OM!"