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Painter Barbara Keith

Born in 1946 in Cleveland Ohio. My love of art began when I was around 4 because my mother used to entertain me with her drawings of "Betty Boop" - a cartoon character from the 1940s

(portrait of a bengal tiger) 18x24 pastel. Original sold.
Power and Grace

Four years of high school art from an extraordinary teacher because she taught: calligraphy, painting (oil and watercolour), pencil, ink, pastel and ceramics. Classes were very intense and I learned a lot. 

After graduation, I entered a commercial art school for the next 2 years - left without graduating.

(a collage of a sporting breed), 19x24 watercolor enhanced colored pencil, Original price $600
Bracco Italiano Medley

Began joining art shows (in the '70s) while still living in New York and continued doing so after coming back to Ohio. I slowed down and eventually stopped doing the shows due to health issues. But if you add it all up - I've been artistically inclined for over 70 years.

(snowy owl), 10x14 watercolor enhanced colored pencil, Original NFS

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