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Painter Bernard Moutin

Painter Bernard Moutin

Consultant architect for 30 years, I have always drawn and painted. I participated for

10 years in a Fine Arts workshop of live model and I have now devoted myself to

painting for 12 years.

Painter Bernard Moutin

I am convinced that if the painting takes shape thanks to the sensitivity of the painter,

it must be underpinned by the way he looks at the society in which he lives, and the

perception he has of its developments of its particular events of its time (for

example confinement and behaviors linked to Covid 19, which strongly inspired my

production in 2020 and 2021, either in the expression of constraint, or in the search

for liberation).

My paintings are therefore not abstractions. Nor do they aim for precise realism. The

figuration simply helps support the meaning. They are a representation and an

interpretation of reality. They tell one (or more) story(s).

Painter Bernard Moutin

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