Painter Carolina Prieto Moreno

Kitten cooling off

I am a painter and designer from Madrid, Spain. Actually living in Madrid. I got my Fine Art degree in this city in 1999 and have worked as an artist, designer and teacher since then. I have also lived in Edinburgh, Scotland (2000-2001), where I made a course of serigraphy in Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop. I have made numerous personal and collective exhibitions of my work in Spain, and some in Edinburgh.

Porch of a private house in the village of Ronda. Spain

Nowadays I am mostly painting small size artworks, specially using techniques mixed with water, as watercolors and watercolors pencils. Fond of beauty of nature and beauty of colors, I enjoy very much painting nature subjects such as landscapes, flowers and plants, or animals.  Also find very interesting and exciting the multiple possibilities that collage technique offers, and sometimes I work with it in a more free and abstract way. I am always open to paint portraits of particular houses by order. Love to learn and explore!

Autumn landscape

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