Painter Chris Dale

Down To The River 2018, acrylic on hardboard, 24" x 38", 61 x 97 cm Another step towards indoctrination.

Chris Dale spent his life trying to express himself creatively. In his youth he was fortunate to have had opportunities in schools to learn to paint, drawing and photography. As with many of us the financial responsibility of family and children placed his desires to pursue art full time on hold. This responsibility has ended and the need for financial security has been lost the only desires to create remains. The work you see is the result of his long silences from a grown man.

"I collect images finding one that interests me.  It can be the tension between the characters or simply the expression on their faces.  There is no clear Idea for a painting at this point. Often nothing ever comes from them at all for a year or two.  Some just sit there forever on my drive.

The image is as place holder somewhere to focus and begin to define what was important about it.  Then I sketch out large forms on the board. Not knowing whether it will ever come to mean anything.  The compounds began to argue about their place and colour. Which parts that will express the final idea of the work neither side knows.  This dialogue goes on through the hole work as it progresses. When the argument quotes there is no reason to continue to paint and the work is completed.

Birch guards acrylic on paper 16" x 19", 41 x 48 cm Close-order manoeuvring.

The images represent universal themes or forms.  The content of photo is not unique. They express common held experiences.   We often lose this connection by extracting are self from the day to day. Living in fantasy maintained by constant distractions.  Through self affirmation they create by never look beyond the screen.

In response to this I tack images whose originality is only the moment it was taken.  They represent larger themes of emotional situation and are enhanced through the composition.  Both their themes appear in all photography and their combination create what is seen as good picture.

This is what I use as a starting point.  Finding images containing these elements.  Then to push them as far as the conversation will go. My work is one quarter inch hardboard or hardboard.  The choice has practical advantages. First cost as the produce is sold in four by eight sheets of hardboard at any large lumber suppliers and is cut to size at no extra cost.  Second working with Palette knife there is no danger of making holes in the surfaces. Third there is no need to stretch the work and storage is simpler with something that is only quarter inch thick." - Chris Dale

English Garden 2018, acrylic on hardboard, 24" x 38", 61 x 97 cm What better thing to do on a warm sunny day.

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