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Christina's artworks represent her experience with environment and atmosphere, which she draws upon to bring life into her paintings. Just watching clouds or looking at the ocean or exploring the forest brings her constant inspiration. Christina's work is an abstract reimagining of the environment she experiences, with each piece being a creation and representation of sky, land, ocean, and everything in-between. 

The elements of earthly space and the materiality determines the artist's color palette and ultimate expression of emotional depth. Christina's use of acrylic resin allows her to create distinct layers using color, image and mineral. She has developed a methodology for positioning paint, dyes, image, and object on specific layers to create a carefully considered clear-layered-experience. Each of Christina's works are an investigation of our atmospheric life and her use of depth is her artistic device used to harness a kind of virtual space as a means to an end: to hold the attention of the viewer. The artist uses this process to satisfy and challenge her need to literally see her work take shape while allowing for a great deal of creative freedom to use the materials at hand to interpret and create an environment within. The artist's process of making paintings comes from her desire to create a beautiful and meaningful surprise for her audience. 

Christina Twomey is a self-taught abstract & resin artist originally from Minneapolis currently residing in Los Angeles with her husband & business partner, Bobby, along with their rescue pup, Kazan. 

Christina’s work has been featured in national exhibitions, galleries and in TV & film on HBO, Netflix, and Bravo. Christina Twomey has also received press from Artful Living Magazine, Installation Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, Edina Magazine, Conde Nast’s House & Garden, Wescover, and Voyage LA. She is available to work on commissions for collectors: private or commercial, interior designers and architects.  A curated selection of Christina's inventoried artworks are available for leasing and staging. 

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