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Painter Corné Akkers

Young as I was when I started drawing and painting I started my professional art career at age 35 after ending a succesful carreer as a business lawyer. I kept on handling my brushes and pencils after childhood but never dreamed I could make a living out of art. The internet offered me an online showcase through my own website and many affiliate websites focusing on displaying and selling art, such as Singulart, Saatchiart and Artfinder. Since then my work can be seen in many countries all over the world.

I employ a variety of styles that all have one thing in common: the ever search for the light on phenomena and all the shadows and light planes they block in. My favorites in doing so are oil paint, dry pastel and graphite pencil. It is not the form or the theme that counts but the way planes of certain tonal quality vary and block in the lights. I combine figurative work with the search for abstraction. I think neither of them individually can provide the desired art statement the public expects from an artist. Besides all that, exaggeration and deviation is the standard and results in a typical use of a balanced colour scheme and a hugh tonal bandwith, in order to create art that, when the canvas or paper would be torn into pieces, in essence still would be recognizable.

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