Painter Daryll Peirce

Internalizing all my interactions with the physical world, I find myself obsessively overanalyzing and examining the struggles, anxieties, and chimerical wars held within the individual mind–those formidable pressures we place upon ourselves and the imaginative journeys of escape we are capable of making without leaving our seat or opening our eyes.

Frantic Phrenic Desertion: Escaping the entrapments of the mind is an endless herculean task that sometimes requires external help.

Outside examination of the immediate self, I’m especially curious of that unknown metaphysical connective magic that binds us all together as living beings. What unites us to our environment, to our world, our universe? What connects us to the past and future? Fascinating mysteries are these uncertain spaces between matter and energy, and the mysticism that travels betwixt the two.

SlackTide: We often find ourselves toeing the line between optimism and negativity in our lives interpreting events as either one way or the other. The smallest moment has the potential to lead us into fits of elation, to make us feel whole, worthy and possibly even bring on a sense of joy. Alternatively, we can also be tipped down the chasm into downward spirals of depression, anger, or anxiety. There are endless magnetic pulls that tug on us as we navigate through our daily lives. They alter the way we interpret ourselves, our relationships, our past, our future, etcetera. Sometimes it's best to stop fighting and just let yourself go limp, float within the forces that propel and repel, and allow yourself to be taken to new experiences.

I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and have been a San Francisco/Bay Area dweller since 2005 by way of San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado. I received my BFA in Visual Communication from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2000 and have steadily continued my art education with select courses and instructors at the San Francisco Art Institute, the California College of the Arts, and more.

Free Radicals: We all want to love and be loved. Yet, the disorientating intangible chemistry of love is a complex potion with the power to satiate the soul, to heal, to enflame our desires, as well as polarizing forces that can torment, eviscerate, and make us hollow. What happens in that intangible vaporous space between the nerves, synapses, and electrical impulses, then mixes together with passion, attraction nostalgia and lust to become this duplicitous double-edged sword called love?

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