Painter Eli Gross

Colors melted, fading along with the sun, the world is thrown into an inky darkness

Aspire to happiness - by Eli Gross

“Aspire to happiness, to calm a tempestuous soul, towards serenity “- that’s the way Eli Gross articulates the nature of his art.

In his youth he was a student of the famous artists Jacob El Hanani and Gabi Ben Zano. Recently after half a century of a demanding carrier, Eli has finally realized his age-old dream. Eli studies art at Avni art institute and is an active artist, painter and sculptor.

Don't let me go

Eli began with dancer paintings that were a result of longing for tranquility for a his turbulent soul, for moments of serenity facilitated by silent embrace and harmonious movement of two unique souls and two intimate bodies in synchronized flow merging in body and soul.

His longing for happiness is molded into the harmonious movement of children and also conveyed in a silent embrace or pastoral seascape, In his recent years' paintings. There is only one pretty child in the world, and every grandfather has it. That quote might be told from many different perspectives - how we see or feel about. As Eli put it, as follows :

even they are so far. So far ...

I cannot hug them, And yet so close ...

I bring you out of my imagination, with rivers of color, to the canvas.

So far ...

you can reach the end of the world ...

But as long as I have your love ...

you are always close.

The winds kiss my face with sea spray. If I close my eyes I feel foam kiss on my cheek

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