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Painter Eli Gross

Many ways to Ithaca

I never had a world of my own. I lived in an ivory tower of career and family. I had only words, but no personal expression.

In painting I have created my private world with personal touch that I pour into My works of art work symbolize our search for happiness in life, a desire to touch the light, nature and to acquire content and insights in our journey to each of us own private Ithaca..

Fifty years of world-wide career went by, up to the moment I decided that I had to preserve the fragments of my experiences related to distant places and people that I live and love, as I see them.

I give the painting brush the freedom of speech - the creation of the whole out of fragments of my memories and as an answer to my deep, primal need to paint.

So far away ... The beaches where we spent time together,

And yet so close ... They are always with me.

And yet so close ... I conjure you from my imagination, in streams of colour, onto the canvas.

So far away ... you can reach the end of the world ...

But as long as I have your love ... you are always close.

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