Painter Ellen Dieter

Into the Blue - 42"x60" - mixed media on canvas - Inspired by the canyon across from my studio. This painting started out as a representational, more realistic work, and once I had the information in place, I quickly added shapes and lines, marks and imagination to create this wonderful explosion of senses.

Ellen Dieter has painted, been an artist, created her whole life. Dieter grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and then moved around from city to city. She lived in Paris for a decade  - exploring Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, eventually settling back in the US, in San Diego, CA.

13 years ago, she started splitting her time between SD and Honolulu, painting her way through life. Dieter has exhibited her work extensively, earned numerous awards, has had Museum shows and is now represented by multiple galleries including Adelman Fine Art Gallery in San Diego, CA and Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu, HI

Dieter's art reflects her outer surroundings as well as her inner landscapes.

With a constant quest for expression, she tries new ways of painting and taking risk.

Ellen's work is constantly growing and evolving. Her organic compositions capture the ephemeral vitality of modern life.

Sweet Surrender - 36x36 - mixed media/oil on canvas - I love riding horses and I have a series of horse and rider paintings. Most are inspired by this image of me hugging the horse I actually learned to ride on. HIs name is Whisky and he is a Missouri Fox Trotter. Hugging a horse like this is the best feeling ever.

Artist statement

When I paint, I throw caution to the wind, letting it out, expressing from the inside, deliberate, yet free... arbitrary, yet intentional.  Moving paint around, mixing colors, trying new ideas thrills me and I can not not paint. 

My work is about the process. The image often comes secondary to the actual art making. I tend to work a lot in the abstract world of shape and color, line and form, painting intuitively, one brush stroke leading to the next.  I find that there is a poetic spirituality in the process. Figures or landscapes may appear. Lines cross the canvas, words pop up out of nowhere. What happens next can be surprising and exciting.  There is a definite chaos through which each work evolves.  What is left behind my be visible or not, but I always know it is there. Creating, destructing, recreating….

Figuring it out, as in life.

I always hope the take away is an experience. That the viewer can see and relate to a story or a memory, whatever that experience may be for him or her.

Delicious Garden - 36x48 - oil on canvas. Inspired by my imagination and memory of the many places I have been physically as well as spiritually.

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