Painter Elwira Bernaciak

Life 40x50cm 2020

Elwira was born in Poland and since 2005 has been living in Ireland, where she discovered her calling to a creative life.In 2015 she became a relaxation art tutor and intensive creative development began.Art is inspired by life and emotions surrounding it which stimulates her creativity. Thanks to this, her painting is wide and diverse. Favourite form is painting abstract often combined with realism and fantasy.She put her soul into each of the created paintings and that makes them unique artistic works.Elwira is a self-taught person, but she supported her knowledge with live courses and online tutorials. Her works have been presented at many prestigious festivals, individual and group exhibitions not only in Ireland but also France, Italy and England, one of her works was also in New York.

Midnight shape 50x40cm October 2019

This is a series of paintings between 2019 and 2020.To look at geometric shapes, spaces and connection with the materials of our surroundings.I am fascinated by color and shape, the imperfections that show beauty and energy.This series of my paintings is a work with emotions, discipline and freeing thoughts and fantasies.I love acrylic paints and mixed media, and decorating paintings using golden leaves.The possibility of a great maneuver with color and technique allows you to release feelings from the deepest corners of the soul.It is painting that makes our world more accessible and attracts the possibility of a new perspective on reality.

Feel weightlessnes 1 70x50cm

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