Painter Eric Bourdon

Bird pedicure - size : 31.50 x 31.50'' / 80 x 80 cm - Acrylic painting on linen canvas, 2018

While Eric Bourdon is a painter, his work is basically a kind of creative doodling, with paint on a canvas. In other words, the French artist creates something from nothing. It's all about improvisation, it's what you do with a pen on a piece of paper when you have nothing to do, in the bus, in the subway, at a restaurant, in a waiting room, everywhere... You draw some quick doodles without thinking, without any goal in mind, or any idea of what you're going to draw, just for fun, and sometimes one of them takes shape, and seems funny. Eric Bourdon just pushes this everybody's game a little bit further, and the fun of it!

BURNOUT - size : 31.50 x 31.50'' / 80 x 80 cm - Acrylic painting on linen canvas 2019

"His universe is merry and fanciful, wrote Samantha Deman for Arts Hebdo Medias, the stroke, spontaneous, has a great time on the canvas, virtuoso of the line, curves and arabesques, until the bright and luminous colours burst onto the scene and repossess it.

Eric Bourdon bends kind monsters into shape who glide gracefully among a faun of individuals whose silhouettes are of the most amazing, plump or lanky, always infinitely sympathetic and delighted to come to stimulate our dormant child souls."

Love falling from the sky - size : 39.37 x 39.37'' / 1 x 1 m - Acrylic painting on linen canvas, 2018

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