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Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Emerald Shade - The coastal mists in Paso Robles, California, create beautiful light patterns among the oak trees in the early morning. The sun, still low on the horizon, casts long rays of refracted color across the landscape, transforming the hillside into a rainbow medley of color. The brush strokes in this painting are loose and impressionistic, capturing the movement of transient light.

Erin Hanson is the creator of the contemporary painting style known as “open-impressionism," which is now taught in art schools and colleges across the world. Her impressionist paintings involve minimal brushstrokes and impasto application of paint.

Coachella Dawn - Driving to the Indian Palm Canyons early one morning at dawn, I discovered an even more beautiful vista in the stark desert landscape around me. The gray and brown mountains and palms lit up suddenly in the first morning light, reflecting a glorious celebration of color that lasted about 20 minutes, until the sun hit the valley floor and the color washed away into the mid-morning.

Using a limited palette of pure, un-muddied color, she deftly captures light and motion with spontaneity, bringing to her canvases the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Lilies on the Lake - This painting captures the beautiful colors that everyone loves in water lilies. The inspiration from this piece came from the water lilies pond at the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena. The impressionistic brush strokes are loose and alive with color and texture.

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