Painter Ezra Bejar

The Journey from the South

Ezra Bejar is a painter from Mexico living in San Diego California. After discovering the arts and the sciences at an early age, he spent two years at San Diego State University, College of Art and Design participating in advanced painting and multimedia studies. Ezra received a Ph.D. in Pharmacology (Medicinal Chemistry) from University of the Pacific in Stockton.


Catapulted by his own personal transformation, after a temporary loss of vision and thirty years of scientific research, Ezra perceives nature and urban spaces in a distinctive way, extracting an alternative reality rich in color, texture and geometries. His original artwork, created with a blend of traditional physical (drawing and painting) and modern methods, is harmonious, and yet intriguing, with some dissonant elements. Ezra’s expressionistic paintings are well appreciated, exhibited and collected in the US, Europe, Asia and Mexico.

Foliar Fantasy

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