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Painter Fabrizio Barachino


I was born in Friuli Venezia Giulia (North-East of Italy) in 1980.

The attention to art started a few years ago, when I realized that within a radius of a few kilometers you could see exhibitions of interesting artists.

I started painting in October 2020 as a necessity. To calm my mood, to give order to my thoughts.

Each image is a free and unbounded stream of consciousness. I let the iPad's pencil slide on the board experimenting with colors and brushes until my spirit calms down. What comes out of it are shapes, often dark colors, tears and messy lines that aim to bring order back into my mind.


I chose digital for convenience, for the ease of throwing away an idea if I didn't like it and because it was what I had at my disposal when I felt the need to switch from pen drawings on the sheets during business meetings to something more structured.

In addition to drawing I have also embraced for some years now the writing of short stories and poems that for the most part are stored on the hard disk of the computer.


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