Painter Geeta Biswas

Grand Canal, Venice A classic view of Venice from the gondola ! This watercolor is from a photo reference taken while I was on a gondola ride on the grand canal during the evening few years back. This will make a good souvenir art of Venice, Italy.

A blessed soul enjoying life painting and golfing. Most of my paintings are concepts that pass through the peaceful mind when creativity is at it's best ! Painting is my passion and favorite pastime. Self taught, I believe art is a wonderful medium of self expression.

Street in Summer, India Red flamboyant make summer truly sizzling with color and temperature here in India. This is a street right in front of my apartment. A nice gift for your loved ones.

I paint a wide range of objects from still life to landscapes to objects out of fantasy and imagination. Self taught, I have taken to art full time since 2010. 

Street in Summer Summer is harsh in India but I like the vibrant flowering trees and way side coconut to quench thirst !

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