Painter Gregory Malphurs

lights. / oil pastels on paper / 22x30” / ©2020

Gregory Malphurs makes inside-out portraiture, exposing the inner self by revealing all the things we cover up. Less concerned with physical likeness, his work shines a light on our psyche through a distorted fragmented lens. His subjects are mirrors in which we see all the that's inside us reflected. / oil pastels on paper / 22x30” / ©2020

Gregory’s work explores contemporary portraiture in non-traditional ways through unconventional composition, unique use of color and brave techniques. His aim to create iconic work that sticks  to the viewer by demanding their attention and refusing to let go, leaving an indelible mark on their memory.

Gregory works and lives in NYC.

ny.ny. / oil on linen / 8x10” / ©2020

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