Painter Herman Kuypers

Stampede 2019 Watercolour and papercut (mounted on cardboard) 63 x 83 x 2,5 cm

For about thirty years now the drawings and paintings of dutch artist Herman Kuypers are dominated by mostly chairs. His watercolours and pencil-drawings are very detailed and show his interest in perspective. Out of a constructive mind he creates a world of his own consisting of and constructed with, as mentioned, almost only chairs. By using his great technical skills he reaches a high level of perfection which is essential in (t)his case.

In an original, curious and sometimes even magical way he creates original points of view on subjects of science, biology, astronomy, human relations and of course art itself.

"While it may seem to be a limitation, it is precisely because of this that I can playfully explore great depths, and I always come up with something new again."

Looking at his works you'll see that art can be fun.

Babel's End II 2020 Watercolour and papercut (mounted on cardboard) 103 x 63 x 3 cm

Chris Manders (in 'The forgotten chair'):

“The chairs, tables and cupboards created by Herman Kuypers behave like autonomous personalities as well. They have opinions of their own and cherish their own ideas about the world and about life in general.”

“Also he possessed and still possesses something that has an enormous influence on the nature of his work: a strongly developed sense of humour. Not just the boyish larks, but rather the double meaning, based on an intelligent manner of observation and interpretation.”

Time circle IIX 2019 Watercolourpainting 96 x 123 x 3 cm

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